ICET 2022

1st International Conference on Education and Training

Thinking education in transition times

We are living in transition times. In the field of Education, institutions and routine behaviours are being called into question, and many tensions have become evident. For instance, tensions between the founding principles and values of the modern educational project, and the evaluative judgments about how to implement it and about its consequences.

The perception that we live in transition times is being radicalized by the experience of confinement, by the breakdown of daily interactions in educational contexts and by the continued use of emergency remote education. However, as before the pandemic, criticisms regarding the educational status quo are not reduced to the role of digital technologies in education, rather they focus on the many political, organizational and practical facets of the educational project. And as in the past, criticisms are driven by so many diverse perspectives that proposed solutions point to many different futures.

The debate around the fate of the school model is an excellent indicator of the current uncertainty. Multiple suggestions for re-schooling or unschooling society are being made, and opposing visions about contemporary education wrestle with each other, either understanding education as a personalized learning trajectory or as a path of sharing common learning and narratives.

Current tensions and uncertainties call us to reflect not on the - already tedious - 'post-COVID', but rather on contemporary education goals, processes, effects and beneficiaries, and on the crossroads that we have reached, where all discontent lies as well as different diagnosis of the present and different visions of the future.

In open societies, both communication and informed debate are necessary for going through experienced uncertainties and tensions and the University has the responsibility to stimulate it as one form of public action.

It is in this challenging scenario that the Instituto de Educação da Universidade de Lisboa invites you to participate in the 1st International Conference on Education and Training – Thinking education in transition times – that will take place in Lisbon on the 12th to 15th July 2022.

The conference will be organized according to four thematic networks that explore four critical issues concerning the ‘presents’ and the ‘futures’ of education, in its multiple political, organizational and practical facets:

Practices of inclusion in formal and non-formal education contexts

Improving learning in technological-advanced societies

Education governance, autonomy and accountability

             Teaching education models and professional development

We hope you will join us for an excellent Conference!

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